Student challenge

November 29 th – From 13:00

Challenge for cyber defence and cyber security students


« An Intelligence agency’s internal memo mentions the fact that « an international organization » is planning to disrupt several connected big cities complex networks; their final goal is to  paralyze 16 « smart cities » and provoke a wave of environmental disasters in their natural vicinity

The threat is imminent and 16 teams of cyberdefence specialists have been selected and  asked to thwart these attacks and limit their impacts »


Students coming from top schools and universities in France and 4 European countries

Registrations will be possible through your school’s email addresses. Starting from September the 25th 00PM – Student ID cards will be checked

How to participate?

Phase of on-line qualification from October 06th, 2017

4 categories from 2 to 5 tests are held:

  • Attacks on Web servers
  • Forensique Analysis
  • Cryptography ·
  • Analysis of binary




  1. Register from September 25, on
  2. Confirm account via email (any fraudulent attempt will lead to immediate elimination of the candidate)
  3. If you have any problem, please contact us :


IRT-B COM – 1219 Avenue des Champs Blancs, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné

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